Terms Of Service

Terms of Service:


CartsNStuff is not affiliated with any website we offer services for. We are simply a middleman that increases your chances during hyped releases. All of our products have a strict return policy. All sales are FINAL (both digital and physical products).

Please read the T.O.S. of the product you’re about to purchase:


  • CartsNStuff will send proxies at the time stated in the product description.
  • CartsNStuff is not responsible for any proxies getting banned during releases.
  • CartsNStuff does not guarantee you to be able to purchase the product you are going for but only helps you improve your chance at getting it.
  • CartsNStuff does not guarantee proxies to work on any site other than Shopify based websites. All other websites are to be seen as additional and proxies should not be purchased for the sole reason of using them on other websites. 
  • CartsNStuff PROHIBITS the use of our proxies on ANY google account "trainer"software, or any other software that attempts to generate captcha one clicks.
  • CartsNStuff PROHIBITS the use of our proxies on ANY social media bots, ( Instagram, twitter facebook, etc...) 

Auto-checkout slots:

  • CartsNStuff does NOT guarantee that they will be able to checkout for you, but increase your odds with the methods they use.
  • CartsNStuff is not responsible if client does not read product description to understand the full price of the auto checkout slot as well as cost of product being bought.
  • CartsNStuff is not responsible for any card declines.
  • On Adidas.com, CartsnStuff if your card gets card looped. The money will not post and should be refunded. A card loop is where adidas’s website glitches and prevents checkout after carting an item on their website.CartsNStuff will always alert the customer first and ask for permission for retrial.
  • The purchase of a slot is non refundable. Under no circumstance will there be refunds of the non refundable fee. Contact support@gamerpcs.biz for any questions or inquiries.
  • For Nike.com SNKRS related slots: CartsNStuff will do its best to enter any surprise/shock drop, but cannot guarantee it. We will put our best efforts into entering any surprise drop. CartsNStuff guarantees entry into the planned/scheduled drop.

Terms of Service are subject to change at the discretion of CartsNStuff

Contact support@gamerpcs.biz for any questions.