Introducing the By-drop Monthly Proxy System

Introducing the by-drop proxy system!

Hello everyone! 

We would like to introduce our NEW and exclusive By-drop proxy system.

What is it? 

This new system will be based on a monthly purchase of a chosen amount of proxies for a chosen amount of drops. You no longer need to pay $60+ for a data plan that you will barely use because now you can pay as low as $30 a month for 10 proxies valid for 4 drops.

How will it work?

Step 1: After the purchase you will be sent an email with an invite to our discord group. You will then be assigned a special role that will allow you access to exclusive channels. 

Step 2: One of those channels will be a channel for tickets. Before a drop, by at least 24 hours, you MUST create a new ticket requesting the proxies for the desired drop. The night before the drop by 11:59PM EST, you will be emailed the proxies requested and they will be valid anywhere from 15-24 hours depending on the item(s) dropping. At the end of the month, you will recieve a link to renew your membership if you choose to. Unused drops do NOT rollover, they reset every month if renewed.

What are the benefits? 

-Fresh list of proxies before every drop.

-You get to pick location for proxies.

-As low as $30/month.

-Extremely fast speeds (5ms-100ms depending on website and server locations).

-Proxies are AIO meaning they will work on 99% of websites! From Funko related websites to sneaker related websites, the By-drop proxy plan got you covered! 

Is this a good fit for your proxy needs?

Most data-plans are residential proxies only. Our By-drop system is for data-center proxies with various locations in Canada, United States, England and more. If you only go for a few drops in a month (up to 12), then we might be a better fit for you depending on how many proxies you use. Our cheapest By-Drop plan is 10 proxies for 4 drops therefor when you do the math you are paying .75 per proxy per drop. Below you can find the prices per month for each variation. To find out the cost per proxy per drop go ahead and divide price by amount of proxies then divide that number by the number of drops.

 Amount of Proxies

4 Drops 8 Drops 12 Drops
10 Proxies/Drop $30 $55 $85
25 Proxies/Drop $50 $90 $130
50 Proxies/Drop $85 $130 $200